The 2-Day Course (Upper Endoscopy + PETCT + PSA or Woman's test)

The 2-Day Course (Upper Endoscopy + PETCT + PSA or Woman's test)

This course includes a PETCT and some options accodring to the gender of our client (PSA for males or Woman's test)

Time needed : Will depend on the options selected.

Package Inclusions

Examination List PET-CT
Urinalysis / Fecal occult blood test
Blood test
Physical measurement
Ophthalmological test
Audiometry test
Blood pressure measurement + Electrocardiogram
Medical examination by physician
Chest X-ray
Respiratory function test
Abdominal ultrasound
Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy
Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) Test (Male) or Gynecological checkup Pap smear test + Ultrasound (Female)
All inclusive price Full Attending Service in English
Meals and rest at VIP room
English report and Medical image data (DVD-R)
Foot massage
Opptinal item
(needs additional charge)
Lung CT
Brain imaging(MRI・MRA)
Colonoscopy *1
Bone density examination
H. Pylori test
Retinal macular tomography
Arteriosclerosis test(PWV,ABI)
HIV screening test
Thyroid test(Blood specimen, Ultrasound)
3D-CT coronary angiography *2
Pancreatic examinations (Ultrasound after drinking water+MR) *2
Pancreatic examinations (Ultrasound after drinking water+MR+CT with cotrast media) *1 *2
Tumor maker test

*1 requires an additional day
*2 Only one of coronary angiography and pancreatic examination can be performed.

Breast examinations (Female)
A:Breast tomosynthesis
*Provided Mammography and Breast ultrasound must be performed in this course.

Gynecological examinations(Female)
B:Uterine body cancer test
D:HPV+Uterine body cancer test
*Provided Pap smer and Gynecological ultrasound must be in this course.
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