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Medical Corporation, Tesshokai.
Fundamental Polices for Management of Personal Information

Medical Corporation, Tesshokai (hereinafter “the Corporation”) has established the following “Fundamental Polices for Management of Personal Information” (hereinafter “the Policy”) to determine how to utilize medical records and other personal information about patient.

1. Utilization of personal information and provision to third parties

The personal information of patient is used and provided to third parties for the purpose of medical diagnosis, treatment, and healthcare, and for the purpose stated in "Purpose of use of personal information", unless there are circumstances described below. When we disclose the personal information of patient to third parties, we always anonymize the information in which the individual can be identified (when possible).

  • 1.
    When explaining the purpose of use and obtaining consent of the patient
  • 2.
    When it is necessary to share information with the outside parties to provide appropriate medical services
  • 3.
    When it is urgent and unavoidable in order to protect the patient's life, physical integrity, or property
  • 4.
    When it is particularly necessary in terms of public health improvement, or mentally/physically healthy growth of children
  • 5.
    When using information in circumstances where the individual cannot be identified or specified
  • 6.
    When providing medical information to the certified data anonymization agency for research by the “次世代医療 基盤法, Next Generation Medical Infrastructure Act”
  • 7.
    When the law requires the information

2. Appropriate management of personal information

We keep the personal information of patients accurate and up-to-date, and prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, and obstruction of use under an appropriate management system. When we entrust some services to outside parties, we supervise them by obligating a confidentiality agreement or other methods.

3. Disclosure, correction, and suspension of use of personal information

When patient requires disclosure of medical information, we promptly check the content and respond appropriately in accordance with "Procedures for Disclosing and Providing Medical Information" of the Corporation. When disclosure is requested from family members, friends, and legal representatives, it should not be done without consent of the patient in principle.
If the patient requests correction or suspension of use of personal information due to reasons such as that the personal information is inaccurate or that the provision procedure to a third party is violated, we will investigate without delaying and respond appropriately.

4. Organization/System

The Chief Information Officer is in charge of controlling the personal information protection procedure and is responsible for making general decisions in terms of protection of personal information and complying to the Policy approved by the board of directors.
When CIO is absent, the chairman of the Corporation or a person appointed by the chairman will take over the responsibility.
In addition, the president oversees the protection of personal information at each clinic/hospital and headquarter in the Corporation and shall be responsible for the management including staff training and supervision.

5. Compliance with laws and review of the Policy

We will comply with all laws, regulations, and other norms regarding the protection of personal information.
In addition, we will review the Policy as necessary and continuously update it.

6. Questions and inquiries

Please contact our Administration System Division of Information Management Headquarters
Telephone: 04-7099-1155 (extension / 2100)

Medical Corporation, Tesshokai
Purpose of use of personal information

The personal information we collect should be used for the following purposes and handled appropriately in accordance with the “Fundamental Polices for Management of Personal Information” of the Corporation. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the "International Office" shown below at the end of this document.

Provision of appropriate services

  • Providing medical services such as diagnosis, treatment, examination, and other services including registration at reception
  • Providing healthcare services
  • Providing medical check-up services, and notification of results to contracted companies/municipal governments
  • Seeking for advice and opinion from another healthcare professional
  • Reporting results or providing information to other medical institutions for their reference
  • Referral to and cooperate with other medical institution through electronic medical records
  • Cooperation with other medical institutions such as clinics, home-visit nursing stations, nursing care service providers
  • Explanation of your condition to your family and friends
  • Procedures for accident compensation insurance of workers, automobile liability insurance, and other insurance
  • Outsourcing of diagnostic services

Claim of medical fees

  • Administration and the entrustment of duties related to the medical insurance, long-term care insurance, workers accident compensation insurances, and public funded medical care
  • Submission of receipts to medical fee payment agencies, and reply to their inquiries
  • Response inquiries from insurers
  • Submission of receipts to national/local government concerning to public funded medical care, and response to their inquiries
  • Others and use of claiming medical fee

Provision of appropriate hospital management

  • Ward management at admissions and discharges
  • Visiting process for supports and visitors
  • Reports of medical incidents and accidents
  • Accounting/Cashier
  • Utilization of creating our fundamental documents to maintain and improve our services and operations
  • CCTV ”Closed-circuit television”

Contribution to higher quality services

  • Education and training for doctors, nurses, and other health care workers
  • Training of medical/nursing/other students
  • Case studies for the purpose of improving our medical quality
  • Data collection for clinical research (medical records, test results, images, photos and videos with anonymized personal information), and reports to academic societies, research groups and academic journals
    *Your consent will be obtained when individual case study is conducted or when anonymization are difficult.
  • NPO VHJ Organization (in which leading hospitals in Japan, addressing together to improve and evaluate the quality of medical care nation widely)

Response to Governmental laws and regulations

  • Epidemiological surveys with high public interests such as cancer registration
  • Statistics and surveillance by national/local government
  • Reports to public health centers and other healthcare authorities regarding healthcare or public health
  • Medical surveillance and medical audit
  • Inquiries from legal courts, police, prosecutors, fire departments, other public authorities or law association
  • *
    If you agree to above, please check in the forms: "Registration Form," "Written Pledge of Hospitalization," "Contract for Home Healthcare," and "Contract for Home Care Support".
  • *
    If you do not agree to any of above, please contact the International office.
  • *
    Please note that we might not be able to provide you the most appropriate services when you do not agree to any of above.
  • *
    Your intent of can be withdrawn or changed at any time.

Notification of disease and condition

The Corporation advises you of the name of disease with the goal that the most fitting treatment can be offered to you. If you do not want to be notified the name of your disease, please contact your physician. You could also request us to notify only you, or to the designated member of your family.


For inquiries and consultations regarding personal information, please contact the number or address given below at the Kameda Medical Center.

Name office : International office
Telephone : 04-7092-2211(Ext:3014)
E-mail address :

Chairman of the medical cooperation "Tesshokai”
President of Kameda Clinic
(Representative Protection of personal information in Kameda Clinic)

September 1st, 2020

Kameda Medical Center