About Us

Kameda Medical Center is the English corporate designation of our medical service facilities which include Kameda General Hospital, Kameda Clinic, Kameda Rehabilitation Hospital, in Chiba prefecture and Kameda Kyobashi Clinic, in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Kameda Medical Center receives, on average, 3,000 outpatient visits every day to one of our many specialized clinical departments.

In addition to treating patients from Japan, Kameda Medical Center frequently sees patients from all corners of the globe. These patients come to Kameda because of the strong commitment we have to our mission that seeks to improve patient’s quality of life by providing high-quality medical treatment and care.

In addition to these facilities, we also have the following units:

  • Kameda Family Clinic Tateyama
  • Kameda Kyobashi Clinic
  • Kameda Makuhari Clinic
  • Kameda MTG Clinic
  • Kameda IVF Clinic Makuhari
  • Kameda Morinosato Hospital
  • Kameda Hamaogi Clinic

The present state of the Corporation

Name Medical Corporation Tesshokai
Location 929 Higashi-cho, Kamogawa City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan 296-8602
Telephone (81) 4-7092-2211
Fax number (81) 4-7099-1191
Homepage https://www.kameda.com
Chairman of the Board Takaaki Kameda, M.D.
Establishment September 27, 1954
Kameda Medical Center