Frequent Q & A

Do you have dedicated staff that can do interpretation services when I visit Kameda Clinic or Kameda General Hospital?

No, we do not have dedicated staff that do interpretation services. We recommend you to be accompanied by someone who can interpret for you. We have a free of charge real time interpreter option available called “MIERU TSUYAKU”, please, ask our staff for this option.

Do you have test instructions and other documents in multiple languages?

Some documents are available in multiple languages, please ask our staff for details. If multilingual versions are not available, patients are requested to handle them on their own.

Can I have an estimate of the hospital fees? 

Medical fees will vary depending on the doctor’s order, tests, etc., it also depends on the type of insurance you have. Please ask the staff at the reception desk or during your consultation visit about an estimate.

If you have Japanese national insurance, please show your insurance card at the reception counter.
You will be charged after deducting the amount covered by your insurance.

If you have a travel insurance or other type of insurance, you will be asked to pay the full amount. Please contact your insurance company to confirm how to handle this matter.

If you wish to receive online second opinion form overseas, please refer to(link).

How can I make an appointment at Kameda Clinic?

In principle, appointments can only be made by phone.

If you wish to see a doctor on the day of your visit, please come directly to Kameda Clinic and make an appointment. Depending on the day of the week and time, we may not be able to accept patients, so please inquire at the reservation center before coming to the clinic.

Please consider that if you have an appointment, you may not be able to see the doctor if you are more than 30 minutes late from your appointment time.

How can I get the medications the doctor prescribed me?

After your consultation, you will receive a medication voucher after paying your bill.

How can I get a referral letter or medical certificate?

If you would like to have referral letter or medical certificate, please come directly to us. A medical consultation is required.

Do you accept credit cards or cash for payment?

We accept the following credit cards: VISA Mastercard JCB UC AMERICAN EXPRESE Diners Club DISCOVER UnionPay.

Can you issue a receipt (in English)?

We can issue receipts in English, please consider that it may take some time to issue them.
We do not issue receipts in both English and Japanese. Please select one.

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