Patients with Private Insurance

1 .First, please contact the private insurance company directly, and let them know that you would like to make an appointment at Kameda Medical Center.

2 .When we hear from the insurance company about your request, we will contact each doctor to set up an appointment.

3 .After arrangements are made, the insurance company will send “Pre-Authorization”
(document written about how much the insurance company will cover) to Kameda Medical Center.
If the “Pre-authorization” is not sent to Kameda from your insurance company at least the day before
your appointment day, you will have to pay the full amount in person on that day.

4 .The insurance company will let you know the appointment day by telephone or e-mail.

5 .Please come to Kameda Medical Center on the day of your appointment.

6 .Please pay the co-payment at the cashier counter on the first floor after your consultation & examination is finished

The co-payment is different depending on your insurance policy.
Please ask your insurance company directly about your co-payment.

7 .Staff of the international office at Kameda Medical Center will send the bill to your insurance company, and your medical expense payment will be transferred from the insurance company to the hospital, subsequently.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kameda Medical Center