The 2-Day Course (Upper-GI Endoscopy + Colonoscopy)

The 2-Day Course (Upper-GI Endoscopy + Colonoscopy)

We offer a two day course. In addition to the upper-GI Endoscopy a colonoscopy is also included.

Time needed : Will depend on the options selected.

Package Inclusions

Examination List Urinalysis / Fecal occult blood test
Blood test
Physical measurement
Ophthalmological test
Audiometry test
Blood pressure measurement + Electrocardiogram
Medical examination by physician
Chest X-ray
Respiratory function test
Abdominal ultrasound
Glucose tolerance test
Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy
All inclusive price Full Attending Service in English
Meals and rest at VIP room
English report and Medical image data (DVD-R)
Foot massage
Opptinal item
(needs additional charge)
Lung CT
Prostate specific antigen
Brain imaging(MRI・MRA)
Bone density examination
H. Pylori test
Retinal macular tomography
Arteriosclerosis test(PWV,ABI)
HIV screening test
Thyroid test(Blood specimen, Ultrasound)
3D-CT coronary angiography *2
Pancreatic examinations (Ultrasound after drinking water+MR) *2
Pancreatic examinations (Ultrasound after drinking water+MR+CT with cotrast media) *1 *2
Tumor maker test

*1 requires an additional day
*2 Only one of coronary angiography and pancreatic examination can be performed.

Breast examinations(Female)
A:Mammography+Brest ultrasound
B:Mammography+Brest ultrasound +Tomosynthesis

Gynecological examinations(Female)
A:Pap smear+Gynecological ultrasound
B:Pap smear+Gynecological ultrasound+HPV
C:Pap smear+Gynecological ultrasound+Uterine body cancer test
D:Pap smear+Gynecological ultrasound+HPV+Uterine body cancer test
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