Ningen Dock (Health Checkup)

Welcome to Kameda Kyobashi Clinic, where we offer specialized comprehensive health check-ups. Are you a non-Japanese speaker? No problem at all! Rest assured, we’ve got you covered. Everything you need for your health check-up is provided in English, from guides and test instructions to results. On the day of your check-up, a dedicated interpreter will accompany you, assisting with communication every step of the way. Your comfort and understanding are our top priorities.

Kameda Kyobashi Clinic offers specialized Ningen Dock(health checkup) courses for individuals who do not speak Japanese. In all our courses, we provide informational documents and result sheets in English, along with on-site interpretation services in English on the day of the examination.

All courses can be completed in a single day including upper Endoscopy and Colonoscopy.
At the end of the day of Ningen Dock (checkup), if you wish, you can receive an explanation of the results of some examinations from the physician. If any urgent need for further detailed examinations or treatment is identified on that day, the physician will provide an immediate explanation.

The results of the Ningen Dock(health checkup) will be sent to you by mail approximately one month after your examination.

Depending on the results, We could arrange your schedule a specialized outpatient appointment for you on the 6th floor.

Our health checkup will help ensure a convenient and timely appointment that suits your preprograms have gained tremendous popularity, with appointments quickly filling up. To secure your preferred date for a health checkup, we encourage you to apply well in advance. Your proactive scheduling refences . Thank you for considering us for your healthcare needs.

If you have insurance coverage with companies such as Cigna, the details of the package, such as on-site settlement or partial self-payment, may vary depending on your insurance contract. Please apply through Ningen Dock for Cigna members and be sure to provide us with the name of your insurance company.

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