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Tokyo Meets Kameda: Main Hospital Excellence in Tokyo

With the mission of ‘Kameda Quality in Tokyo,’ Kameda Kyobashi Clinic was established in August 2013 as a satellite clinic of Kameda Medical Center. We are dedicated to improving access to our renowned medical services for patients of Kameda Medical Center, as well as supporting the health needs of urban professionals and beyond.

Expanding Services for Tokyo and Beyond 

As we’ve witnessed an increasing number of patients from distant areas seeking outpatient visits, surgeries, and follow-up care at Kameda General Hospital in Kamogawa, Chiba - constituting approximately 15% of our inpatients - we recognized the need to enhance convenience for patients from Tokyo and across Japan. In response, we relocated and expanded our outpatient department to the 6th floor of the same building in August 2018. This strategic move allows us to serve as a gateway for treatment in the heart of Tokyo and facilitates improved post-treatment follow-up care.

While our clinic specializes in advanced outpatient care, we also offer general outpatient services for common illnesses, such as sudden fever, abdominal pain, and general malaise. Please do not hesitate to consult with us for any health concerns. We take pride in our role as an ‘IMMEDIATE CARE, JUST NEXT DOOR TO YOUR OFFICE’ for everyone working in neighboring businesses. We are also committed to elevating your health consciousness and promoting the importance of disease prevention through high-quality health checkups and examinations. Our commitment extends to providing sophisticated and simple services that align with our dedication to your well-being.

The health screening department on the 4th floor, as always, has been offering specialized courses in response to the high demand from our visitors. Since the fiscal year 2017, we have introduced dedicated programs focusing on cancer and cardiovascular health. Moving forward, we are committed to enhancing our facilities to provide high-quality health checkups. We aim to continually improve and expand our services to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

In our pursuit of “Kameda Quality,” we achieved ISO9001 certification in February 2015 to ensure the quality of our services. Furthermore, in July 2016, we obtained accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCI), a global healthcare evaluation organization that assesses the quality of medical services and patient safety. In our ongoing commitment to providing high-quality and safe healthcare, our staff remains dedicated to continuous improvement. We strive to deliver excellence to all our clients.

Health is the foundation for realizing various dreams and aspirations. We encourage you to prioritize your health by undergoing regular checkups, enabling prompt intervention if any issues arise. Kameda Kyobashi Clinic remains committed to the seamless integration of our health screening and outpatient departments. We strive to ensure that your health journey aligns seamlessly with your aspirations. Thank you for entrusting Kameda Kyobashi Clinic with your healthcare needs.

President, Kameda Kyobashi Clinic
Dr. Seiji Kishimoto, MD, PhD
April 1, 2020

Kameda Kyobashi Clinic