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About Us

3 Concepts

3 Concepts

1. Women-friendly Clinic

The ”Women-friendly clinic" is from the standpoint of a woman. We aim to be a clinic that is easy to visit for women. Besides, we want to cherish warm hospitality from a female perspective because there are many female staff. In addition to a lineup of doctors who specialize in women's specific diseases such as gynecology department, breast surgery department, and urogynecology (pelvic organ prolapses), the clinic area is divided into female only areas to provide an environment that female patients can stay comfortable in during their visit. Also, there is a nursery in Tokyo Square Garden so that women with small children can safely visit for medical examinations and as outpatients.

Recommendation for Women

2. Healthcare for Business People

This is the second concept in which a director-class specialist at our hospital takes charge of outpatients. In general, regular satellite clinics provide consultation by temporary doctors, and doctors in the main hospital do not run the outpatient clinics because they are busy with surgery. However, Kameda Kyobashi Clinic provides personal consultation with doctors who perform many surgeries or are director's class at the main hospital. We aim for a clinic that sounds like "I would like to refer my patient to the Kameda Kyobashi Clinic!"

3. Director Class Specialists

To support your business life, we provide a convenient place for outpatient care and health check-ups so that you do not need to take time off from work. You can visit our outpatient clinic during lunchtime and receive medicine on the way home. We plan to have an occupational physician contract with each nearby company and aim to provide not only health check-ups but also comprehensive medical care.